Industrial Display Leader Litemax to Showcase World’s first Resized 4K2K LCDs at InnoTrans

Litemax Electronics, a leader in enabling intelligent vertical market platforms, is exhibiting at this year’s InnoTrans, one of the most prominent trade shows specializing in transport technology. Litemax has enjoyed a strong reputation in the transportation sector, with numerous high-profile success stories around the world.

Recently hundreds of units of Litemax’s resizing LCD series, known as Spanpixel, were chosen to improve the passenger experience in Huai’an in Eastern China. With on-board systems, various limitations are in place, such as form factors, space allocation, weight, certification and many more. Litemax Spanpixel is a custom-sized, stretched display that fits right in on-board trains. In addition, all 28″ Spanpixel models are certified with EN50155, an internationally recognized certification designed for rolling stock systems in the transportation sector, covering electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications. With EN50155 certification, Litemax Spanpixels are proven to be anti-shock, anti-vibration, low in EMC noise and highly reliable – perfect for transportation.

InnoTrans will also be debuting a whole new bus display theme this year. Many of Litemax displays in various sizes have been deployed on the buses. One of the most popular models for bus deployment is Spanpixel 3805, which will also be introduced at the Litemax( booth during InnoTrans.

As Litemax’s resizing technology advances, more and more innovative designs begin to roll out. At this year’s InnoTrans, the world’s first resized, 4K2K LCD displays will be showcased to set the standard for all passenger information display makers. The 4K2K Spanpixel models come in several sizes engineered for the best practice in the vertical, ranging from 35.8″, 42.1″ to 43.5″.



In this episode, John Wang, the CEO of Taipei-based IAdea, talks about the roots of his company, which primarily makes commercial-grade media players and all-in-one devices for the digital signage market.

He recalls starting up the business right out of school in Taiwan, and unfortunately timing that startup right when the first Internet bubble burst. Wang talks about the idea of Information Appliances – the IA in IAdea – and the journey taken by the company to today.

Now a trusted supplier for many signage software firms and network operators, Wang talks about staying on top of emerging technologies and where his company, and the business as a whole, are going. He also goers into the perils of cheap devices and the importance of commercial, rugged product for the signage business.

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Seen on Embedded Computing: Bring the future to the present with outdoor display walls

LCD walls are becoming popular as a futuristic solution in both system design and construction. Take for example, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, where the visual experience is transformed and elevated, with the lobby covered mostly with immersive displays broadcasting high-definition video contents. It becomes immediately apparent that this hotel is different from the competition.

While display walls can be an excellent investment for indoor advertising, from retailers to theaters, hotels to casinos, outdoor advertising is a target as well. Taking an indoor display wall outside is as easy as designing the system with an LED-backlit LCD sunlight readable display. Such a display uses LED backlighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting. Traditional LCDs use CCFLs as their backlight. While cheap, they’re not as energy efficient as LEDs. Two common LED-backlighting technologies are:

Edge-lit LEDs, where the LEDs are formed around the rim of the screen, using a special diffusion panel to spread the light evenly behind the display. For display walls, this technology is rare due to the slim bezel design on the edge.
Full-array LEDs, where the LEDs are formed on the entire back of the LCD panel, lighting it up from behind.

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