Raised in an ‘astronaut’ family in Vancouver, Canada, Amanda Sung graduated from University of British Columbia, the world’s top 40 university, with a Master in Journalism.

Beginning in a career in media and social agencies, Amanda grew passionate about making a difference through strategic communications. Since returning to Taiwan, her motherland, Amanda has worked with a series of high-profile technology companies, such as Vivotek (#1 network camera manufacturer in Taiwan), MediaTek (#1 IC design house in Asia) and Creative Sensor Inc. (#1 contact image sensor provider in the world; part of Teco Group), where she developed a whole gamut of skill set ranging from creative writing to brand positioning, public relations to media management, messaging development to executive communications.

Amanda’s greatest passion is to combine knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the most compelling content to her employers, her clients and her audience.

A Taipei resident since 2011, Amanda is an avid blogger who loves to read about the latest technology innovations, renewable energy breakthrough, inspiring visual design ideas and brand communications tactics. She also holds a Bachelor in Communications from Simon Fraser University, Canada’s #1 comprehensive university.

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