Litemax Spanpixel Enhances the Dining Experience of Shoppers at Ginza, Tokyo

A world-renowned upscale district, Ginza, Tokyo, is a fascinating place where the most satisfying dining experience is available for locals and tourists to explore, in addition to countless world-class designer boutiques and well-established department stores. One of Litemax’s esteemed local partner, Touchwood, has recently innovated the dining experience at Ginza for the newly opened ITADORI restaurant.

Two units of Spanpixel SSD4956 were embedded as a natural part of the reception counter, where thousands of diners walk by on the daily basis to enjoy delightful meals. Part of the award-winning Spanpixel portfolio, SSD4956 is a 49.5″ resizing LCD with an aspect ratio of 16:4.5. While ITADORI owner has chosen to showcase SSD4956 indoor, this stretched display is just as capable if placed outdoor, featuring high brightness of 1,200 nits. The wide view angle of 178° (H), 178° (V) makes SSD4956 an eye-catching advertising platform anywhere indoor. Even from a wide range of distance afar, visitors would still be able to spot the digital signage and be drawn to the restaurant immediately. The display also comes with high resolutions of 1920 x 538, enabling all the yummy video contents even yummier to the diners!

In addition to retail, Spanpixel SSD4956 has been widely deployed in transportation, as passenger information display. Whether it’s on the train platform or inside the on-board train, the SSD4956 is designed to fit a very particular space that is common in transportation. SSD4956 is a popular choice for taxi-top advertising as well.

Other retail vertical applications which Litemax has made possible include the award-winning panel wall solution (Durapixel 5507-L) that has recently been selected as the face of Taipei Sogo department store, greeting all shoppers of the city.

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