aisonic Brand Story

transparent aisonic logo

Originating in Taiwan and founded by a group of surveillance veterans passionate about setting a new standard, aisonic is a provider of safety products. Safety goes beyond security; it is about protecting the well-being of each individual.

aisonic strives to enable and popularize everyone’s access to a peace of mind brought by safety solutions, wherever and whenever. From households to enterprises, from retailers to factories, with aisonic, there is something for everyone regardless of their request or budget.

With the support of a strong in-house software research & development team to enhance hardware capabilities, aisonic aims to deliver a diverse and robust portfolio, which will encompass intelligent control systems, risk prevention tools, incident tracking applications, software integration and more.

The name of aisonic derives from the sound of the phrase ‘eyes on’. Keeping each and every one safe with our products and solutions as our eyes is precisely why we exist.

To learn more about aisonic as a brand, please visit the website

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