Regent Taipei Presents the Handcrafted Marquise Cake in Celebration of Mother’s Day

Regent Taipei Marquise Cake Mother’s Day

Taipei, Taiwan – Regent Taipei Executive Pastry Chef Laurent presents the handcrafted Marquise de Pompadour Cake, an 18x18x26 (cm) masterpiece in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Inspired by Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, also known as Marquise de Pompadour, chief mistress of Louis XV, the Marquise Cake is meant to personify her distinguished traits – elegant, gentle and poised – and at the same time, pay compliments to all the mothers in the world.

Chef Laurent, the French-born culinary extraordinaire, carefully sculptures each Marquise Cake, rendering it 3-dimensional (3D) and filled with rich tiramisu and coffee cream brulee. According to Chef Laurent, French royal families and court members particularly fancied 3D pastry. This year, Regent Taipei is embracing ancient festivities in today’s rituals, installing a sense of French traditions in the menu and inviting families around the world to savor the Marquise Cake as they celebrate the Mother’s Day.

The body of the Cake is made with tiramisu. Chef Laurent begins with a quick blend of sugar and proteins, following a mild stir of egg yolk, corn powder and premium flour mixed together. The oval-shaped paste enters into the oven and gets baked for 10 minutes under the temperature of 180 Celsius. Chef Laurent then dips it into coffee rum syrup, while adding cream, more sugar and egg yolk and Mascarpone cheese. With layers after layers, the semi-final product stays in the fridge for 1.5 hours to freeze and be integrated with the Marquise model. Again, with layers after layers, Chef Laurent meticulously pipes the floral-effect and multi-color butter cream as Marquise de Pompadour’s skirt to suit each and every guest’s taste.

For ordering information, please visit or call +886 225238000 ext.3157 to reach azie Bun.

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