Mysteriously Yours, TIO

Many have said to me that I remind them of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Not only are we both talented writers, we are way-over-the-top affectionate, loving and loyal, in addition to the same Daddy issues, terrible luck with boys and of course, shoe obsession. Above all, however, we are both made of sugar and spice and everything nice ❤

I was terrified I would miss writing upon completion of my Master of Journalism. Now thanks to TIO Young Professional Association, I have more written pieces to add to “Amanda’s Best Work” and the marketing copy below has just made it onto the list.

Mark your calendar – Saturday November 27 – a night of glamour, elegance and mystery.

On this night, you are invited to TIO Young Professional Association‘s Annual Winter Gala. Upon entering Aberthau Mansion (4397 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, West Point Grey Community Centre), you will be greeted with antiqued décor, ushered into the elaborate dining room and served with a suspiciously mouth-watering feast. As we roll out Sherlock Holmes both in theme and style, who knows, anything can happen. Romance, mischief and magic await, so come solve your puzzle! Tune in for event time, ticket price, program activities, and much more.

Mysteriously yours,
TIO Young Professional Association

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