CJSF Launches CJSF Radio 2 for December Special Programming

CJSF can be reached via 90.1 FM.
CJSF can be reached via 90.1 FM.

CJSF 90.1 FM announces the launch of CJSF Radio 2, its new internet-only steadming radio offshoot. The stream will be launched on December 1st as part of the station’s special programming in December.

The special programming kicks off with World AIDS Day on December 1st. Action against Violence against Women is a 16-day long project centering around the Montreal Massacre on December 6th, and International Human Rights Day is on the 10th. CJSF will be providing programming on these days that takes a closer look at these issues.

While CJSF Radio can be heard on the radio 24 hours a day, streaming live on the internet, and podcasting most shows, the station is splitting its internet stream to produce a new channel of content. CJSF will be devoting its second webstream to its special programming features day and night, while the radio station runs special programming features in amongst its programming.

For more information, please visit http://www.CJSF.ca.

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